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Back-to-School Anxiety

This time of year, some children experience uneasy feelings related to starting a new school year. While some level of anxiety is normal, excessive or persistent anxiety can become problematic and interfere with a child’s daily life and development. Children lack the vocabulary to express thoughts and feelings like adults. Consequently, back-to-school anxiety often manifests itself in non-verbal ways requiring parents to pay attention to both their behaviour and words to figure out what their child might be going through.

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Healing Intergenerational Trauma | Beaches Therapy Group

Healing Intergenerational Trauma

Healing Intergenerational Trauma is core to breaking the cycle of its transmission down through generations. It starts with a journey of exploration into your family history. Acknowledging your ancestors’ pain, as well as your own with a trauma-informed therapist can help you reshape your emotional and behavioural responses so you can deal with conflict and strife in a healthy way.

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Psychological Harm caused by scammers | Beaches Therapy Group | Photo by Photo by Mikhail Nilov: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-man-looking-at-a-computer-screen-with-data-6963944/

Psychological Harm Caused By Scammers

Emptied bank accounts are not the only problem associated with scams. The psychological harm suffered by victims is insidious, laced with shame, and rarely discussed in public. Sadly, many victims internalize the trauma and opt to deal with it alone.

Victims of scams must, first and foremost know that they are not alone. The scammers are to blame, just like thieves are in a burglary.

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Betrayal in Relationships | Beaches Therapy Group

Betrayal Trauma

Marriage and other forms of committed relationships bring great joy but they can also be challenging to navigate. A long-term healthy relationship depends on how well couples manage their challenges. Some factors, unfortunately, can introduce catastrophic ruptures in relations. Unresolved hurt and anger can lead to contempt, a leading predictor of the end of a relationship. Another profound threat to a long-term bond is loss of trust which often leads to profound and deep betrayal trauma.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, sometimes referred to simply as CBT, is one of many types of psychotherapy treatments that help individuals explore and take control over the interconnections between their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Rigorous scientific studies have demonstrated CBT to be highly effective on individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, phobias, etc.

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