We don’t need to tell you that life is hard. It is for everybody in different ways. When we experience a physical health problem that causes pain, we don’t hesitate to consult a doctor for help. Yet when we experience emotional or mental pain, we often don’t seek support in the same way.

BEACHES THERAPY GROUP is here to help you with modern therapy options that are key for your mental health roadmap.

Psychotherapy services provide treatment for the emotional and psychological aspects of living. It involves talking to a professional to understand thought patterns, emotional blocks, relational styles and their impact on overall health. This “talk therapy” brings stress relief, in and of itself. Psychotherapy helps to instill productive thoughts, behaviour, habits and attitudes to shore up our coping mechanisms and reduce conflict to allow us to productively participate in society. 

Let us help you understand your wiring.

ONE TO ONE Therapy

Whether you’re going through a tough time, seeking to know yourself better, or simply wanting to reach your potential, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about supporting your growth.  Our therapists are here to offer a supportive relationship that is warm and non-judgmental. You don’t have to be in crisis to reach out; growth is good no matter what you’re going through. We’re human too, and we know that you are ultimately the expert in your own life. Nevertheless, a professional therapist trained to help you see patterns in yourself and your relationships can help you see your path forward with more clarity. 

ALL RELATIVE Family Therapy

Families can be complicated (need we say more?) You probably already know that sometimes it’s the people we love the most who can push our buttons the hardest. And while you may love your family deeply, it’s okay to feel that your connection could be stronger. Each family member plays a unique role in the family system and it’s not always easy to see the patterns when you’re too close to the problem.  Our highly trained family therapists will help guide your family toward healthier communication and understanding that can last a lifetime.

YOUNG MINDS Child Therapy

Dear parents, as you know children and adolescents don’t come with a manual (how nice would that be though?) They have complex needs that often show up in behaviours that aren’t always easy to understand. Our therapists are trained to decode your little one’s and teen’s mental health needs. Our approach is designed to include parents and guardians in treatment whenever necessary. We use research proven techniques to strengthen the parent-child bond and help your kiddo thrive.

SYNC UP Couples Therapy

Did you know that studies show satisfying relationships to be associated with better health, greater happiness and even a longer life? Oftentimes, however, romantic relationships need support to help them flourish. Afterall, we aren’t born knowing how to communicate perfectly! Our skilled therapists have studied the science of love and connection. Together, we will guide you and your partner in strengthening your connection and deepening your understanding of one another and yourselves. Improve your communication so that you’re in sync. Reach out for help through a rough patch, or come visit us for a tune up to keep your relationship in tip-top shape.

Not sure where to begin? Unsure which therapy option is the best for your unique needs?
Please feel free to contact us and our team will help you find your ideal option.

We offer convenient and confidential online therapy sessions for anyone in Ontario.