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Online and In-person Sessions for Ontario Residents

Psychotherapy is an investment in your health and happiness and allows you to glean positive change from just a few sessions. Therapy can improve your outlook, mood and relationships for years to come.

Psychotherapy Services

Couple & Relationship Counselling

Often, couples encounter challenges after they have been together for a while and life starts throwing curveballs. Focused sessions with a therapist can help. Here’s what to expect during therapy.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Change is constant in family relationships as members grow up and age. This can sometimes put pressure on the emotional balance of the family unit. A family therapist can help forge togetherness when members grow apart.

Parenting, Child & Teen Therapy

Parenting, Child & Teen Therapy

Childhood and adolescence set the stage for adulthood. During this time, a child’s brain is not fully formed, leaving them unable to plan, control their impulses and emotions. Some children may need professional help along the way.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are common mental health illnesses in our modern world. The good news is that these disorders can readily be treated with psychotherapy sometimes supported with medications.

Self Esteem & Self Development

Self Esteem & Self Development

Self-esteem is your opinion of yourself and foundational to how you interact with others. Low self-esteem often leads to poor outcomes in life goals and relationships.

Trauma & Recovery

Trauma is how the human body responds to a highly stressful event. When endured over long periods, it can disrupt the nervous system to cause dysregulation.

Managing Anger

Triggers that set off anger responses often develop in childhood. Psychotherapy treatments are the most effective method to help individuals manage their anger to preserve personal and professional relationships.

Betrayal, Separation & Divorce

Betrayal is the deep sting one feels when someone you trust shatters the foundations of your relationship by breaking that trust. The resulting trauma can be severe. Here’s how therapy can help you navigate the emotions that ensue.

ADHD & Learning Strategies

ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain that manages our ability to plan, focus, multitask and remember instructions.

Bereavement, Grief & Loss

Grief is a deeply personal and universal experience that occurs after a significant loss of a family member, friend, pet, or even a job. An important aspect of bereaving the loss is working through the wide range of emotions that ensue.

Therapy Fees

Therapy fees are one reason why some people hesitate to seek help for a personal matter. We welcome and encourage frank and open discussions with us about our rates to ensure we manage your care in the best way possible. Our services are covered by most extended benefit insurance plans. If you do not have coverage, we also offer affordable therapy sessions at discounted rates through our internship program. Therapy is an investment in your health and happiness and it is more affordable than common belief.