Psychotherapy Services

Physical health problems cause tangible discomfort and/or pain. When they disrupt our ability to function in everyday life, we do not hesitate to rush to our doctor or closest emergency unit for help. Most people do not treat their emotional health the same way. In parallel fashion, periods of strife and conflict introduce negative feelings into our lives.  This leaves us unhappy, unwell, confused and often, exhausted.

Psychotherapy services provide treatment for the emotional and psychological aspects of living. It involves talking to a professional trained to understand thought patterns, emotional blocks, relational styles and their impact on overall health. This “talk therapy” brings stress relief, in and of itself.  Psychotherapy helps to instill productive thoughts, behaviour, habits and attitudes to shore up our coping mechanisms and  reduce conflict to allow us to productively participate in society. Psychotherapy can help children, adults, couples and families when they have difficulty navigating emotions, or have habits that trip them up, over and over again.


Mental Health Therapy

Mental HealthA healthy mind has direct bearing on your wellness. Your mental health is driven by many factors beyond your control, including childhood conditioning and your genetic makeup. Yet, on a deeply personal level, mental illness remains a taboo subject in society. People do not talk about it honestly and openly with their family, friends and colleagues. In fact, many workplaces inadequately accommodate mental health problems compared to physical illnesses. For most people, the stigma causes them to simply suffer silently, when there is absolutely no need to. These are like any other health problems and treatments are readily available. Here is a three-point self assessment you can conduct on your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. If you need help, our psychotherapy services are completely confidential and conducted by trained therapist who will guide you through a treatment plan, step by step, at a pace that is tailor made for you.  


Child Therapy

Child TherapyA child’s brain, and specifically, the prefrontal cortex, is not fully formed until well into their early 20’s. Consequently, children remain unable to plan, control their impulses and emotions. During life stresses such as parental alienation, bullying, social difficulty, abuse, neglect or witnessing parental conflict, the impact on the developing brain can thwart the child’s emotional development in life altering ways. This is especially true when life gets messy for the adults, with divorce, money problems, workplace stress, caring for elderly parents , etc. Any of these can leave even the most loving and well-intentioned parents with depleted coping reserves and in turn, unable to guide their child, emotionally. This is where child psychotherapy services come in. We bring critical intervention for children and parents to ensure lifelong problems do not set in for the child.


Marriage Counselling and Couples Therapy

marriage counsellingRelationships never flow like fairy tales, where two people fall in love and live out their lives in eternal bliss. In fact, maintaining relationships is where the hard work resides and this only remains straightforward while life is easy. Many couples discover emotional challenges unraveling after they have been close for a while and life starts throwing curve balls. A job loss, new baby, terminally ill and elderly parents, for example, can cause individuals to exhibit unhealthy, habitually patterned behaviour that predates the relationship.  Extended periods of strife can leave even the most loving of couples struggling to connect. When communication breaks down and escalates to a loss of respect and trust, the relationship is ripe for rupture. Marriage our couples therapy can help if both parties genuinely put in the work, but timing is everything.


Family Therapy

Family TherapyChange is constant in families as members grow up and age. At different stages, the emotional and psychological needs of family members change in tandem. These transformations can sometimes become very difficult to navigate. Every family experiences periods of strain and sometimes family members grow apart. Even those close to each other can struggle to connect if their communication style is explosive and confrontational. Family units become disconnected when individuals do not discuss, understand or deal with their emotions and feelings in healthy ways. Such problems get magnified when a mental illness or substance abuse gets injected into the dynamic. When left to escalate, estrangement sets in.  This downward spiral is completely unnecessary and avoidable. Family therapy involves working with a professional who is trained to help you create healthy boundaries and connections with your family members.


Psychotherapy Services & Rates

Psychotherapy services are an investment in your health and happiness; they are affordable and covered by most private insurance plans. You can glean positive change from just a few sessions. In addition, we provide you with take-home material, articles and practice activities to help you make the most of your therapy experience. The initial phone consultation is free of charge. Here, we will listen attentively to your situation, assess your needs, discuss our rates and provide you with an estimated number of sessions we believe you will require. Your sessions can be arranged in-person and even virtually on-line, if you cannot get to our offices easily. At each session, we remain committed to moving you forward. Once we see progress, we spread out the sessions or organize brief check-ins with more focus, to help minimize your costs. Above all, we never keep you in therapy longer than you need.