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Scheduled Sex and Romance | Beaches Therapy Group | Photo by DAPA images on Canva

Scheduled Sex and Romance

In almost all romantic relationships, the exhilarating honeymoon phase filled with passion and spontaneous intimacy tends to mellow over time. As couples navigate the demands of children, busy careers, and established routines, finding moments for closeness can become a challenge. To maintain physical connection, some couples find scheduling intimate moments in their calendars helpful. However, don’t overlook the role of emotional connection, which often proves to be more of an aphrodisiac than expected.

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Are you an Echoist | Beaches Therapy Group

Are you An Echoist?

Humans are hard wired to respond to threats with a “fight, flight, or freeze” response, otherwise known as the sympathetic nervous system activation. Echoists respond to trauma with a fourth, called the “fawn” response, where they pacify the attacker by going along with them rather than fighting back, running away or freezing.

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Teen Identity | Beaches Therapy Group

Parenting and Teen Identity

The journey through adolescence is a profound time of self-discovery. Teenagers are bombarded with cultural expectations, social pressures, and social media which can distort reality and foster comparison. All of these impact their sense of identity, and form the foundation of who they become as adults.

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Sleeping Apart | Beaches Therapy Group

Sleeping Apart

Sleep deprivation has become the number one reason why couples, who are still very much in love, end up sleeping apart. It is hardly a sign of a relationship in trouble. In fact, for couples dealing with sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea, separate sleeping arrangements can be a practical and necessary solution. We discussed this topic recently with the Toronto Star.

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Emotional Bank Account

How is your Emotional Bank Account doing?

An Emotional Bank Account is a metaphorical representation of the emotional connection between you and your partner. Just as you deposit money into a savings account to secure your financial future, you make deposits into people emotionally for the health and longevity of your relationship. Positive deposits include acts of love, trust, understanding, and support, while withdrawals involve hurtful words, unresolved misunderstandings, and conflicts.

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Summer to Fall | Beaches Therapy Group | Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels

Transition to Fall with a Summer Mindset

Transitions are a normal part of life but they can take a toll on some of us. Sometimes simple paradigm changes can help us coast through changes in a healthy way to keep anxiety and stress at bay. This time of year, the transition from long and warm summer days to shorter and darker hours of fall can leave some of us feeling gloomy for no reason at all. Carrying the high-spirited joy of summer into the fall and winter can ease the transition for those who feel gloomy this time of year.

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