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Tim Sitt | MSW RSW | Beaches Therapy Group

Tim Sitt, MSW RSW

Tim is a child and family therapist, registered social worker, couple’s therapist and psychotherapist working with individuals. Tim has 9 years of experience, working in community-based mental health centers helping individuals (children, youth and adults), couples, and families who are experiencing emotional and/or relationship distress and would like to heal and learn positive ways to cope with life’s inevitable challenges.

He helps people face the difficulties within their experience and to heal from negative impacts they have experienced. People and families that Tim works with often struggle with various symptoms like depression, anxiety, conflict, relationship dissatisfaction, trouble at school, and are seeking ways to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life that comes from a motivation to reduce symptoms but in positive transformational growth.

His work emphasizes learning new ways of coping and is inspired by the late family therapist, Virginia Satir’s philosophy: “The problem is not the problem. The coping with the problem is the problem.” He works with individuals, families, and groups to find new ways of coping that honor the various needs of each.

The relationship based models of family therapy most inform Tim’s approach to work with people in a concrete and experiential way helping them get more in touch with themselves and their present experience. When we make deep contact with ourselves we get in touch with our many resources and change is possible. Tim’s aim is that you will find him to be open and real, and available for making genuine human contact. Tim’s approach balances client-centered empathy with an ability to be firm and challenging when appropriate. The balance of acceptance and change is an important dynamic in any effective therapy. Tim is considered by colleagues and clients to be compassionate, intelligent and creative.

Coming from a combined background as a Registered Social Worker (MSW,RSW) and Personal Trainer, Tim is also the CEO/Founder of Corporate Wellness company, ThinkMOVE, that helps organizations address the issue of being sedentary with breaks that address physical and mental health. He is passionate about helping people incorporate health into their daily lives at work and home. You can learn about this work at www.thinkmove.ca He is the author of an upcoming book titled: MOVE or die: How the Sedentary Life is Killing Us and How Movement, Not Exercise, Can Save Us.

Tim’s psychotherapy practice integrates physical and mental health as well as family and relationship health. His approach is experiential and takes into account the moment to moment experience of the body, which includes breath, muscle tension, and sensory experience. His approach is also systemic which means he explores the intrapsychic dynamics of an individual (feelings, perceptions, expectations) in conjunction with interpersonal patterns of relating.

Tim also brings to his practice diverse experiences in adult and children’s mental health, mindfulness meditation, martial arts, and dance. He has a love for reading, learning and connecting with people. He considers it an honor and privilege to the work of healing with all those with whom he comes into contact.

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