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Jill St. Clair | Beaches Therapy Group

Jill St. Clair, BA, RSW, Assc FM

Families change when parents separate, but parenting does not end. Parents are forever. Parenting during or after separation and divorce can feel like one of the most uncharted times in your life. Without support, it can become daunting and overwhelming.

If you are needing emotional support, coaching around co-parenting, insight into your child’s or ex-partner’s behaviour in their restructured family, or a safe place to vent and debrief through the family court process, I would be delighted to be part of your team of support. I provide coaching and skill-building in tackling frustrating communication patterns or conflict that persists despite all of your valiant efforts. I further provide consultation regarding parenting time schedules and parenting plans.

I also offer counselling to step-parents in their important role in blended families. Blended families are a rapidly growing group in our society and a step-parent’s role is unique to each family. Successful step-parenting requires strong role clarity, communication systems and self-care. These skills in turn help the family navigate common problems with acceptance, caring and mutual respect.

The decision to begin counselling/coaching is often the first step towards improved communication, self-acceptance and confidence. Together we can work on your goals in a focused way to find solutions that will benefit your family.

I believe in each person’s unique identity and, also our shared humanity. My approach is humanistic, client-centred, strength-based and child and solution-focused. I am a registered social worker and have a Psychology and Social Work Degree from Dalhousie University. I am originally from the East Coast of Canada with a friendly, down-to-earth and direct manner. I am trained in Parenting Coordination, Mediation and Custody Evaluations. I have worked with over 3000 parents and children in my 24 years of practice across 3 provinces.
I am happy to offer a free telephone consultation to answer any questions you might have.

Services Offered:
Separation and Divorce Parent Counselling Services:
• Parent counselling
• Co-parenting coaching (2-home model)
• Coaching and skill building for tackling ineffective co-parenting communication patterns
• Coaching and skill building for parenting insight into child behaviour during separation and divorce and co-parenting.
• Step parent counselling
• Parenting Plan Development/Consultation (For parents that are actively developing a parenting plan that would form the basis for a legal document or negotiated settlement).