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Iryna Gavrysh

Iryna Gavrysh, RP

While beginning a therapeutic journey can be scary at first, and it can also lead to profound transformation and growth. Although it is not easy to take the first step, rest assured that your courage to begin looking within will serve you in the long run. There is something truly special about a compassionate connection with another individual. Whatever personal challenges you may have, can seem much more manageable when you are not facing them alone. We can all use some care and support during these difficult times.

My experience comes from working with individuals with a variety of complex mental health needs and life transitions. I have previously worked in a residential setting, helping clients and their families overcome addictions, mood disorders and difficulty managing emotions. Additionally, I received Sex Addiction Therapist training and have extensive experience working with individuals struggling with building healthy intimacy within their relationships. I incorporate attachment-based therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), as well as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) into my work with clients.

As a therapist, I aspire to provide individuals with a safe refuge and a non-judgemental atmosphere to work on achieving more balance and promoting self-discovery. Taking care to truly listen to my clients’ goals is something I have found to be invaluable in my work. I also enjoy incorporating mindfulness into my work with clients as I have experience with benefitting from my own meditation practice. There is more than one path to healing and I look forward to learning about how I can help you with your journey. Feel free to reach out!