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Alena Neykova

Alena Neykova, MSW, RSW

Life is hard! We suffer when our primal emotional needs are not met. Seeking help is courageous. It demonstrates the resilience and natural human affinity to move towards progress, personal expansion, and reconnection with self and others.

I have a diverse background spanning years of corporate and managerial work where results matter and bring this mindset to our therapy practice. Being in service to you and seeing palpable results using therapy that is rooted in scientific evidence is at the core of my professional identity and values.

The business of therapy involves a guided evidence-based approach to help use our minds and body to change our brains. This is neuroplasticity at work. I have a passion for working with the emotional (AKA reptilian) part of our brain which often harbours painful patterns of behaviour and emotion showing up as symptoms of anxiety, depressive thought, relationship difficulties and other behaviours that, while helping us cope, are also holding us back. Trauma work, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, sensorimotor psychotherapy, breathwork are part of my professional training and toolkit in practice.

I am humbled to be part of your healing journey, to learn through compassionate inquiry about you, your needs and how we can uncover new emotional and behavioural repertoires to move into a new space of expansion, healing and growth.

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